Defects of the womb is a condition that causes physical and mental disorders in infants at birth. In the Abnormalities that can occur in infants caused byeither in body shape and how to work certain body member or even both. Therefore, the content of disability among the major causes of death in infants in their first year. For this reason it is certain that to get the baby is born healthy and do not have the congenital try to always live a healthy life by avoiding some of the causes of congenital of drug factors read more in

The content of defects do not appear out of nowhere. There are several things that can cause defects womb. Some of these causes can be avoided so that your baby does not need to suffer this abnormality. Premature babies, low weight, and birth defects can be caused by pregnant women menonsumsi illicit drug during pregnancy. Mengosumsi cocaine also can cause defects in the arms, legs, urinary system, and heart. Postpartum, pregnant women are also not recommended to consume the drug, because it would interfere with the growth of the baby through breast milk. The importance of consultation, before taking any medication, consult your doctor first to determine whether the drug is harmful to the fetus or not read more in

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