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Planning for a function or event is never easy. With food in mind, people picture the aroma and look forward to catering services which provide food with wonderful flavour, mouth watering taste and great cuisines. They want their needs to be met only by those caterers that can satisfy their taste buds. In the world, the food catering in Singapore is true to what they do best as seen in Cafe. They aim towards delivering the satisfaction to one and all. Whatever function you have at your place, the food catering Singapore make an absolute addition to its beauty. The buffet catering Singapore complement every function with unforgettable food flavours.

The buffet services take away the woes of refreshments. The caterers not only deliver food for your function but take care of excellent serving services and do a clean and tidy set up in addition. The entire services of catering services of Singapore will leave an everlasting expression on your guests. The caterers make painstaking efforts to do best buffet catering in Singapore. The buffet ranges from international food to the local delightful food. Training events, family dinner, tea reception they cater to all at your place. Seeing the catering services your guests will feel honoured; they will not leave before praising your care for them.

Menu for food catering in Singapore

A list of delicious menu is there to delight the family and their guests. It satisfies the appetizer of food. Here is the list of much sought after food menu:

1. Finger Food: It consist of finger bites which everyone can pick from. Fresh cut vegetables, tortilla chips gourmet franks and spring rolls are hot favourite at every occasion. In other words finger food provides option for everyone. These finger foods are inexpensive.

2. Sandwiches: The easy to digest sandwiches are effortless to prepare. These sandwiches look fabulous. The sandwiches can be cut in any desired shape and decorated with toppings of cheese, butter and jelly. They can be kept fresh and chilled for a long time till they are served to the guests.

3. Snacks: Raisins, peanuts, cashew nuts and chocolate pieces can be beautifully served in a waffle cone which can be easily carried. Best part of dry snacks is that they can be stored in jars and containers for long period of time.

4. Drinks at party: Parties are incomplete without lot of liquids to complement the different food items. Bottles of water, pitchers of citrus juices and cans of soda need to be served to quench the thirst. You can select cans or cups as per your budget.

5. Desserts: Can you imagine your function without deserts being served at it? Certainly not! A sweet cake with icing, cookies and brownies, fruit salads and cupcakes, you can order all from the catering in Singapore and make the friends say ‘Wow’ to the menu.